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Different Types of Landscaping Services

Landscapers work with property owners to improve or maintain the aesthetic features of a home’s exterior. They also alter or modify the functionality of the land surrounding a home, such as adding a swimming pool or fire pit.

Many different types of landscaping professionals work in the field and provide services for both residential and commercial properties. Some specialize in specific areas, such as hardscaping or landscaping design, while others provide more general maintenance services.

Lawn Care: These professionals provide lawn mowing, edging and fertilization to keep yards looking lush. They can also provide tree trimming, hedge cutting and pest control.

Gardening: Whether your property is a large estate or a tiny cottage, a professional gardener can help you to make it the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. They can plant and transplant trees, shrubs and flowers. They can also aerate, mulch and fertilize the garden.

Shed and Outbuilding Construction: Often, the hardest part of yard construction is the installation of sheds and outbuildings. These are projects that can be tricky to do right, so it’s a good idea to find a landscaper that can get the job done.

Irrigation Systems: Having a well-designed, installed and maintained irrigation system is essential for keeping your plants happy and healthy. Landscaping experts can design, procure, install and commission a system that will save water and money for you.

Grass Replacement: If your grass isn’t looking its best, you can hire a landscaping company to give it the attention it needs to look and feel healthy again. They can aerate, fertilize and seed the grass to create a beautiful green lawn that will give your property a boost in curb appeal.

Form: The way an object looks and functions can have a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of a landscape, highlighting its unique shape or evoking a particular style. Rounded plants and walkways, for example, can evoke a more intimate, cozy feeling, while rigid structures can convey formality.

Proportion: The size of various objects in a landscape is also important to consider when planning a landscape design. It is important to communicate with your professional about the amount of space you want to dedicate to each type of plant, and the proportion of hardscaping and softscaping you need.

Customer Service Representatives: These professionals answer questions and resolve issues that come up when working with customers on landscape projects. They also interact with vendors and contractors to ensure that all aspects of a landscape project are completed correctly.

Equipment Operators: Some landscape projects require forklifts and bulldozers to move dirt, dig holes and carry heavy objects. These professionals have the proper training to handle these heavy and complicated jobs.

Landscape Designers: These experts are experienced in combining art and science based on their horticultural knowledge. They create a design for a garden that matches the style of the property and fits the budget of the client.

If you are considering hiring a company for your landscaping needs, it’s best to choose one that offers a variety of services and has several positive reviews on various online platforms. Getting several reviews will allow you to compare and contrast companies with the help of other homeowners in your area.

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